Two positive First Response but bleeding...

I wonder if anyone can help or offer any advice. My partner and I have been TTC for 7 months now.

My period was due yesterday, and would usually arrive first thing in the morning. It didn't so I tested using a FRER and it was a very faint positive (top test in pic). But then I started spotting/light bleeding come the evening.

Today the spotting and bleeding continued, so I did another test (bottom one) which has a darker line.

Does this sound like it could be implantation or bad news? Please help...



  • Just to update and see if anyone can offer any advice or has a similar story?

    Ive been to my GP today as I am still bleeding/spotting and it has become more of a worry. I've done another test this morning too, and the line is a lot darker. 

    As I am only 4weeks + 2days my referral to the EPU is for the 25th July. I've got two whole weeks to sweat this out and get a clearer picture about what's going on.

    Has anyone bled for 4+ days and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

    Heres the three tests...


  • I would say that your hcg are getting higher due to your tests getting darker each time, have you done a clear blue digital 

    mot could be implantation bleeding or you could be one of the unlucky ones and spot every month when your period is supposed to be due some women still have periods through their pregnancy 

  • Thank you for your response. If that's what it is, then I'm fine with that. It's the limbo that I'm stuck in now until the 25th when I get to the EPU for the check.

    The Unknown is the hardest part. 

    I did a clearblue digital on Saturday which was "not pregnant" but since had the darkest FRER.

  • Have you got another clear blue test?

  • I bled with my son he is now 5, just take it easy and no sex. Good luck xx

  • Emma92 - I haven't no. But the doctor told me not to test now for a week, because if it is bad news the levels should drop by then. 

    Emy0001 - fingers crossed mine will be the same. Thank you for your message. X

  • Still bleeding today. No cramps, but I have had a headache and been really tired.

    I feel like the two weeks to the 25th July are going to really drag. 

  • Have you done another test?

  • Emma92 - no because the doctor advised me not to for a week. As if it's a miscarriage the hormones wouldn't noticeably reduce until around a week.

  • I caved this morning an used an Internet cheapie "one step" - the last one I used of these on Saturday was negative is so faint I can't see it, even though the FRER was positive. So I've compared the negative "one step" to this mornings...


    Im trying so hard not to get my hopes up to high without the confirmation on the 25th. 

  • I'm impatient and couldn't wait until the weekend...


    This has got me excited now. Because the last digital at the weekend was "not pregnant". The bleeding seems to be easing off this morning too. The numbers on here 2-3 weeks would be about right too. 

  • Congratulations 😊

  • MrsB how did this turn out because I found out I'm pregnant yesterday but having brown discharge not loads but enough I'm also having few period pains but very mild ones so concerned xx

  • I got two posative first response tests took two separate days the day I took the last one I started bleeding pinkish orange than later as the day went on it got darker than the next day up until thefollowongn day it stopped than I started bleeding again with alot of.discharge went the hospital test came back negitive they didn't give me ultrasound or blood test come home stopped bleeding again than bled again the next day and now I'm not anymore towards the end it was brown discharge and now im feeling light sharp cramps could the test be wrong? Could I be pregnant or was mine just faulse positive please helppp

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