Positive pregnancy test!!

Hi everyone so about 2/3 weeks ago I did 4 clear blue pregnancy tests and they all came back with really faint lines like they almost wasn't there. the doctors did to blood test to check for pregnancy but the blood test came back negative. Today I was feeling sick and not my usual self I am 4 days late so I decided to take a pregnancy test not to expect this result back and to my surprise this has came back. I am taking folic acid pre conception pills would this give me a false result? the lines came up within seconds of doingimageimage the test am I pregnant or not?? 


  • Many women trying to conceive are advised to take vitamins & minerals to boost their chances...it shouldn't affect your HPT. If it came up within the suggested timeframe I think you can safely say it's a BFP, congratulations

  • No folic acid will not give you a false positive.

    They are clear and obvious BFP's!


  • Sorry to jump on a post I'm still in a pickle. So my period is now three weeks late. Been taking faint faint positives for weeks. Ended up throwing out all my tests cos I thought I was going insane. Took a test lasnight. Faint positive again. Took one with first morning urine and it does look stronger but not much. Don't wanna go to a doctor's in case it's in my head and I look silly. Boobs have started feeling heavier and nipples are in agony. But my tummy is still squishy and stuff I'm so lost 

  • Hi aime, go with your body instincts I had very faint lines on my pregnancy tests I even had a blood test which said negative. you know your body they told me I wasn't pregnant turns out I am x

  • I'd try a clear blue digital amie, good luck!

  • Hi Charchartrevethan98, please do come and check out our Due in March 17 Birth Club if you fancy it. And congratulations! 

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