Need advice not sure what's going on

okay so I had sex 6 days ago with my husband and now I started it was light pink color which is not what mine usually is like but day 2 of my period it was heavy and now day 3 it's light again but I'm having bad breast pains and they never hurt during my period but there very heavy and tender i have don't like not having my bra off . What do you guys think


  • I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but am going through the same thing. Period not due until today (although very irregular on the longer side) but 'started' last week. Was much shorter & no where near as heavy as normal. Breasts tender still, & can't tell if I'm imagining twinges & nausea. Hpt was bfn (cheapie from Internet). So want a baby after to previous miscarriages, just don't want to get hopes up.

    hope someone can offer us both some advice. 

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