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Positive test, then negative but late on

Im so confused right now!

So I stupidly did a test a week before I was due AF. Initially it was negative. I put it in the bin but when I went bathroom an hour later I looked at it and there was a definate second line...coloured as well so it wasn't evaporation line. I did a test the next day and had a very faint second line. I did another 2 days later which was negative. I was due AF 2 days ago and apart from the odd crampy feeling, there's no sign of it. I did another test this morning but still negative. Is it likely that it was a chemical pregnancy which would explain the positive followed by negative? I doubt I'm pregnant as surely the tests would be positive by now? 

I had a missed miscarriage 5 months ago and have been trying to conceive without any luck since. 

Any ideas? Could it be chemical and I'm just taking time to bleed? Or do u think the positive test was just a dodgy test? I'm getting very annoyed now I just Dnt know! 



  • I think given you have already had one missed miscarriage you should go and have a chat with your doctor xx

  • I debated ringing my docs but thought if it was a chemical they wouldn't really do anything Would they?! 

  • I've had exactly the same as you. AF  5days late now, faint positive pregnancy test then negative. Have had constant cramping, aches and pains. Not really sure what to think. I might ring my gp tomorrow for some advice. Maybe it's too early for both of us? I think my ovulation could of been a couple of days later than I thought.

  • I debated if I'd ovulated late but that doesn't explain the positive test. Plus id have thought if it was a chemical pregnancy if have started bleeding by now.

    so frustrating isn't it?! I might do the same and ring the dr like u are. 

  • docs may do a blood test to check HCG levels x

  • Yeah that's true. I suppose with my first being missed it could be same again. My body clearly doesn't like letting go.

  • It's really frustrating! I had cramps with my first pregnancy for arlind 10 weeks. They don't feel like my usual AF pains but the negative really put a downer on things. I got so excited! My faint positive looked pretty good as well so I was convinced i was pregnant. 


    These were thursday night (positive) Friday morning (negative) 

  • Yes I can totally see a second line on that first test. That is a strong positive. Have u done another test since Friday? 

  • No, I'm trying to ignore it (failing miserably). I want to try and hold off to see if AF comes, if not then I'll test again. I'm just wondering if I should be concerned about the pains and cramping. It's probably nothing, I'd just rather AF came if I'm not pregnant then we can get cracking and try again. 

  • U may have had chemical pregnancy lovey. That would explain the positive then the negative. Or u had a dodgy second test. I had period type pains for 2 weeks with my first pregnancy. The cramp could be related to being pregnant or it could be your body getting ready if it was a chemical pregnancy. 

    u always assume that getting pregnant is so straightforward. It bloody isnt! 

  • its not straight forward at all! I don't really understand this chemical pregnancy thing. Would I have bled by now or should I expect it soon?

  • Guys still 4 days late with af got a dull lower back ache with twinges in my hips and tummy but not like period Pains is this is a sign of pregnancy or my ad aboit to arrive???

  • I Dnt fully get the chemical pregnancy either. So the egg is fertilised but then doesnt implant properly or summat goes wrong, so although u start producing hcg, hence positive test, it stops and your body 'gets rid' of the egg  generally around the time Ud expect your period. 

  • Have u done a pregnancy test Nicole17?

  • Yeah I did on Saturday morning it was negative 

  • Hi need advice. I did a test last Thursday. it id I was 1-2 weeks. Had hea bleeding for 24 hours and now only spotting. I done a test and it's come back negative. Am I  pregnant?

  • Sorry to jump on a post I'm just so lost. My period is now three weeks late. I've took loads of faint positives but some looked like evaporation lines so Ithrew them out and gave up. A few days ago my boobs started really hurting so I took a test lasnight faint positive again. Took one with fmu and it does look a little stronger and darker but not much and all came up in time frame. But my stomach is still squishy sickness comes but I don't be sick. And just hot flushes and extreme headaches but that's all. I font wanna go to my docs cos last time he told me I'd have a period or a baby and to wait and see. I know. Ridiculous. Then the woman ar the clinic completely judged me for only being 19 and not having a great job. I felt so embarrassed I don't want to go back x

  • Negative test again today 😢 Spoke woth my GP who said it's likely I have had a chemical pregnancy and shoul bleed "at some point". He wasn't at all helpful when I asked him wha if I don't? And what if the pains and cramps continue. 

  • Ditto Natalie to the negative test. I'm goin to ring my docs tomoz. 

  • Hey everyone! I'm not on CD 40 and 12 days late for my period. I'm having all sorts of symptoms bloating tender breasts peeing a lot more then usually just feel all over sick. Mild cramping today not extreme but uncomfortable. I've never been late with s period I'm always every 28-29 days and I just feel pregnant. I took a test at 1 week late and it was a vvv faint positive but I took a digital 3 days ago and it was negative. I got to the doctors Thursday so FX. I've also read that a lot of women don't show positive until later in the pregnancy or not even at all through the whole pregnancy! praying for good news on Thursday 

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