Am I pregnant or clutching as straws

Guys still 4 days late with af got a dull lower back ache with twinges in my hips and tummy but not like period Pains is this is a sign of pregnancy or my ad aboit to arrive???


  • Nicole17 I'm 2 days late and having symptoms (mainly fatigue, really painful nipples, loads of watery cm, nausea) but have done a test today (16 dpo) and it's a BFN.

    Have you done a pg test? Xx

  • wait a few more days I would l, yeah did one this morning bfn 😔 Doctors said to wait a week 

  • is that a week from missed AF? argh fingers crossed we both get our BFPs! Xx

  • I'm not sure she just said next week I'm loosing hope now, fingers crossed for you babe! 

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