Confused ?

I have pcos and haven't had a period in a few months . My husband and I are trying for a baby . I've had symptoms of pregnancy ; fatigue , swollen feet , nausea , and painful TMI nipples . I took a pregnancy test came out negative . I spotted thinking it could of been implantation bleeding then the next day it was like a normal period . Losing my mind trying to get pregnant , she's I test again just in case or was it just a period out of nowhere .?


  • Hi Hun I also have pcos and i am 8 weeks pregnant! I had all of this because I was trying for a baby naturally I got all the signs but finally it did come up with not pregnant! Wasn't until the doctors put me on tablets to get pregnant! Used to have saw boobs and everything then it was just my period coming, did they say you ovulate? Because people with pcos at times can't ovulate without help? What's your cycles like?xx

  • It's so strange because you sound just like me in the post Like a year ago, I always used to think I was pregnant I must of brought 100s of tests!!!! I hate having pcos :( luckily the hospital helped me and I fell pregnant straight away taking tablets 

  • Having pcos is depressing ! My periods are very irregular . I haven't had a period in years if I did it was maybe once a year . I started taking birth control to regulate my periods which worked I had a 28 day cycle around the same time every month . I then stopped taking birth control after a year to see if my periods would come naturally unfortunately it stopped my period all together once again . I don't ovulate but I get pregnancy symptoms , every time I take a pregnancy test it's negative.  With all the doctor visits and medications it's pretty pricey . I wish my body did what it had to do . 

  • You are just like me!! Last year I didn't have a period in like a year, the hospital give me provera and it made me come on my period and clomid to make me ovulate and the month I took it was the month I fell pregnant! I no have pcos is very depressing but i never thought I would have a baby but now I've got one on the way :) how come your paying for medication and doctor visits?xx

  • Oh and another thing have you got blood tests to say you don't ovulate? I'll tell you what is so good to make you come on your period naturally is go to the gym! I did and started coming on my period every month once I stopped I stopped coming on my period weird HuH lol? If you don't ovulate you won't fall pregnant Hun so get yourself to the doctors and gets tablets to get this baby !!! Xx

  • So there is hope !. Congratulations with getting pregnant ❤ I've taken a blood test and had a ultrasound confirming I didn't ovulate . I got as far as taking a pill to start my period . The doctor I had was going to put me on clomid . I have to pay because I don't have any insurance .

  • I dont have insurance either but I don't pay where are you living Hun? thankyou It was the best news getting pregnant &&I yes there is hope!!! I was on the pill for around 5-6 years, if I was you stop it straight away because your not going to get pregnant being on that either! If you don't have periods they give you a tablets called provera that I'm on .. Well was lol! And then clomid hopefully you get your bfp! I'm praying for you Hun I really no whats going through your mind because I was in the same situation at you!!! The money you spend on tablets will be so worth it I promise!

  • I live in Tennessee . Once my insurance starts I will be sure to see my doctor and talk to her about that medication . 

  • good luck with it all Hun I have hope for you!!xx

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