Ovulation ?????

I think I've ovulated on day 6 of a 28 day cycle , my last period only lasted 2/3 days , surely this can't be right ?????? Does anyone else ovulate this early in there cycle xxx


  • Sounds very early, what makes you think you ovulated then May I ask ? X

  • Ive had a unusually short period only 2/3 days instead of 5 days , ewcm on day 4 and 5 and a positive ovulation test yesterday , which was day 6 for me , it all seems very strange ???? Any thoughts welcome x

  • Take a pregnancy test xx

  • I did take one the day before I started bleeding but it was neg???? I think my body has gone crazy 😓😓 it's only been 2 months since I m/c early at 5 weeks , I wonder if that's why my cycle seems to be so different x 

  • I too suggest taking a pregnancy test Kel, just in case

  • Ok thanks I will try testing again then , xxx

  • so do you think it's not possible to ovulate so early then ?? X 

  • Not impossible but ucommon.

    I just saw your comment that you mc a couple of weeks ago. I'm really sorry to hear that :( 

    Have you had a negative test since then?

    If you still have hcg in your system it could be interfering with the ovulation test as ovulation tests can often pick up hcg as well as lh hormone

  • Oh no I read wrong, thought you said 2 weeks since mc but you said 2 months. So forget what I said about remaining hcg hormone interfering with the ovulation test

    Advice to take a pregnancy test still remains though, good luck!

    please dont use a blue dye test, they suck. Go for a pink dye, pref first response

    let us know how you go!

  • Good luck kel x

  • Well the pregnancy test was beg, so where does that leave with with a pos ovulation test at 6 days ??? And the ewcm I got at the time , I'm on day 9 now and it's completely dried up , so could I of ovulated so early ??? Is it really possible to ovulate a few days after your period ends ??? X 

  • It is possible yes, but I wouldn't stop bding If its not normal for you to ovulate that early. You may have had an esteogen and lh surge and not actually ovulated ( i had that cycle day 9 through 12 last month but didn't end up ovulating, then had it all over again and ovulated on day 20)

    or you may just have simply ovulated early.

    you wont know until you either get a period or a bfp, unfortunately. 

  • Misskiwi thanks so much for the advice , i will just have to wait and c what happens , are you trying to conceive to ??? It's very frustrating we've been trying for nearly a year now x

  • You're welcome!

    yes we are ttc our first, this is my first cycle off the pill. First cycle was all messed up, second was better but we mucked up on the timing and completely missed fertile window.

    I'm hoping third cycle will be the lucky one!

  • I meant to say currently third cycle off the pill woops

  • I'm sure it will happen real soon for you both , xxxxxxx

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