The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for The 2 week wait!! Weighing up very early symptoms - Part 2, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Lhw yeah same. I had pre ovulation spotting. 1st time having it, this month. So read into it. Just to get info on it. I wasn't worried. Never had it before. It's weird when something new throws you off doesn't it. 

  • New thread ladies, and with a new thread may there be new bfps!

  • Part 2 certainly brought us some luck 😘 

    Baby dust! 

  • Part 3 - hoping it brings us all luck! 

    Thanks beth I may look into it later - it did throw me! x

  • Lhw15 were due on the same day aswell for af! We might get our bfp at the same time, how exciting ☺️ Xx 

  • I really hope so and all the lovely ladies around same time as us! 

    Chelsea how do you feel? I have no symotoms this month where as others I have thought I had by now? But I have had spotting today which I have never had before at this time x

  • Not really noticed much, felt very sick yesterday and this morning but a lot of people at my work are ill so think I might of just caught something, im only 2dpo so don't think I will get any symptoms for a while yet X  

  • Welcome Chelsea!

    We have our last day at my parents' today - going home this eve. I'm exhausted! Slept 10 hours last night and I have no idea how.

    Leo, how adorable! Your post reminded me I'm bridesmaid at a friend's wedding in August and I'm not sure if my dress will fit. Leo and Beth, when did you both start to show? I'll be about 16 weeks by then and the dress was really snug to start with. I'm going to try to be really good when I get back but a bump's a bump!

  • I started showing really early. But I was all water. By 16 weeks you'd think I was much futher along. I kept getting the "oh are you sure it's not twins" NO THANK YOU I'm just very fat! Cheers haha. I think my birthday it was obvious I was pregnant. So around 3 months it was an obvious bump. And not just the awkward is she isn't she. 

    10 hours sleep sounds amazing I am so jealous. 

  • Sorry if tmi but does anyone get white creamy cm after ovulation? Had it for a few days now X 

  • Last cycle I had lots of creamy cm leading up to af. I think af/pregnancy/ovulation symptoms are all quite a like. Like in pregnancy I had loads... It's your mucus plug starting to form. It's a hard one as everyone is different. And each cycle can be different sometimes. 

  • hi all

    if I didn't have enough to worry about I'm now getting aches in my boobs with my dog sniffing and licking at them through my top and noticed my mouth is slightly wonky  at 1 side so looks like a trip to drs for me soon but I'm already booked into the hospital for September cos of my feet going blue if I sit down for more then 5 mins

    going to wait till after holiday and funeral thankfully mother in law ordered flowers for us so 1 less thing to worry about

    talking about spotting I had spotting 1 day about 3 days before af was due and af came a day early which confused me

    Chelsea I get creamy cm after o quite often and usually till around 2 days before af due it turns watery

    I'm now I'm my fertile area and we bd again last night opk negative still yesterday I'm guessing maybe Thursday I might get a positive

  • Hi ladies woohoo a new thread the last thread brought us a couple of BFP lets hope we get some more this month. 

    Welcome chelsea sorry I haven't caught up with your thread where are you and what's going on? How long u bin ttc?

    sugar I think I started to show about 15-16 weeks but not too much u couldn't tell inless I was in tight clothing. how u feeling? Have you had a scan date through yet? 

    Lhw how's things with you?

    kiwi hope you have bin keeping busy?

    beth just remember the sperm can live for up2 5 days so even tho you haven't bin busy you still could get caught. 

    iv had ovulation pain today I thought I had ovulated at the weekend but maybe that was my body getting ready I think it's happening today Iv had awful back ache and cramps down there today. 

    Hows everyone's day? Xx

  • Leo84 hi! I came off the depo in August 15, took till April 16 for my periods to come back so on month 4 now of ttc, 2 dpo currently X 

  • Leo I tend to get pre ovulation cramps. Nothing painful just a noticable dull ache. Then when Ovulation is here. It's flown blown pain. 

    I always worry cause I find some of the info out there quite misleading. Bit contradicting. 

    It's been a long day for me. Just so tired. Early night is in order. You? X

  • Hey everyone,

    OPK still strongly positive so not sure that egg has dropped yet, bd again last night, last three days in a row actually, wish it would hurry up! I know its terrible to say but I'm starting to get a little tired of all the bding and I'd like a little rest! Haha

    temp did shoot up today but not that high, and boobs are hurting which normally is a post ov symptom for me but the positive opk has me a little confused

  • Ahahaha a little break can be good! You don't wanna look like John Wayne 😜 

    Hmm? Are you using different OPKs? 

  • Oh gosh I must of been for a wee about 20 times today! Starting to annoy me 😂 No idea if this is linked to anything regarding ttc... 

  • Are you definitely 2dpo? I pee so much when ovulating 😂 

  • BethL I think so because I got a positive opk on Saturday and by Monday they were negative lol X 

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