Chemical pregnancy but still no bleed, please help :(

last week (Thursday) I had a faint but definitely positive pregnancy test, today negative. I've had persistent cramping and pains for around 10 days now. My GP told me its likely I have had a chemical pregnancy. I understand what this means but he was very unhelpful when I asked what I do now. When will I bleed? What if I don't? He only seemed interested if I became unwell. The pain worsened or I bled heavily. If dates and everything are all correct I would be about 5 weeks pregnant. 


  • You can self refer yourself to the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital although a scan wouldn't detect much before 7wks into term so it would mostly be a physical check up & blood tests as this stage.

    It can take time for the body to register any changes so it could be weeks before you see any bleeding. Definitely keep an eye on the cramps to see if they intensify & get seen if they worsen or you experience new symptoms (sickness, dizziness...)

  • Oh I just want to bleed and have it be done with. I don't want to have to deal with weeks of cramping and pains. Our hospital doesn't have a self referral. It's just frustrating that there isn't anything that can be done unless I become un well. 

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