8 days after ovulation- should there be symptoms?

Hi ladies,

So, it's been 8 days since I ovulated (confirmed by a test) and I'm getting cramps, white discharge & dizziness. I've done a cheap test which was negative...have I done it too early? I'm so eager to fall pregnant that I can't think about anything else. Anyone been in a similar situation? Any input greatly appreciated! :) x


  • I, too, am 8dpo. Today I felt cramps for about an hour, a little nausea, tender boobs (but they are always sore before AF) and somewhat moody (more so yesterday). I'm addicted to hpt and took 2 today, both BFN 😁  I think 8 days is just too early. I'm supposed to get AF either the 15 or 17. I hope this isn't my mind playing tricks. By the way, I see people say they felt "twinges" -- what exactly do those feel like? 

  • I havent had much nausea or tender boobs but everything else sounds pretty much the same! Do you know how many dpo is best to do a test? Im not sure what these "twinges" feel like but I've certainly had pretty much constant cramps! 

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