Has anyone just known at Conception??

Ive got this feeling.  Things have changed, but it could be just wishful thinking. C an i ask what your age was that  you conceived at perimenopausal?  I also was not ovulating and was given 50 Clomid CD 3-7.  I Ovulated and I was also given recommendation to take a supplement called Cassanovum to prep my body.  But now that i may be pregnant, my Drs. said i had a 50% chance at carrying multiples once you factor in my age:41, the Clomid, and the Cassanovum.  OH geez.  Now i Ovulated on Sat.  We made 3 deposits every other day up to ovulation day with the final deposit being made at midnight on Friday.  Now my cervix is high and closed and my discharge has changed to very white and creamy.  My nipples are burning as nursing my 2 yr old hurts like the dickens..... I have a gut feeling that i have conceived even though i have not implanted yet.  I think it too soon for implantation to occur.  The soonest would be Friday 6 days PO.  My nipples are burning and my uterus area feels just heavy.  Like i also think both ovaries ovulated because it hurt to walk on both sides b4 ovulation and Sat night Both felt A-OK.  What do you think?? Is this all normal???? I feel like my wishful thinking is totally creating symptoms.  Ahhh

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