Evap line or BFP?! HELP

OKay you guys, im going bananas! I was just feeling really off yesterday, and I felt like i did when I was first pregnant with my daughter so took a dollar store pregnancy test and within one minute, it did not say positive, so i put it back in the box and went to work. This morning I looked at it and there is a very distinct Pink line where the positive should be. I know I know, evap lines.. BUT i dont know when the line popped up as I said, i put it in the box after about 1 min of nothing. So now im over here dreaming of being pregnant. I took a First response brand one today and it was a definite BFN. BUT i calculated based off when i think my last period was give or take a few days and i would only be about 3 weeks along so of course it is way too soon. but im wondering what you guys think. is this an EVAP line or a BFP?!?!? PLEASE HELP lol ( im obviously going to retest..Im just wondering what your thought and opinions are!) 



  • I'm leaning toward evap because the line is so thin and because the first response was negative - but you just never know so yea I'd retest for sure. good luck!

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