Recent PCOS Diagnosis

Hi All,

ill start from the beginning......In January 2015 I came off the pill, I have periods up until May 2015. I had bloods taken in the November which saw my male hormone to be high. I had an MRI scan of my abdomen in February 2016, results came back fine. I had a period in February and another one 39 days later in May. In June I went to see a specialist who took my bloods again, again my male hormone was suggesting Polycystic Ovary Snydrome. I had an ultrasound yesterday to check the glands in my kidneys and also an internal scan to check my ovaries etc, everything seems ok and they were no anormalities. I'm waiting to see my specialist in September which is really frustrating because I just want to get help now! I am also trying for a baby and worried I cannot conceive. I have good days and every now and then I have a bad day, and today is one of those days where I think the worst that I won't ever be normal or be able to have kids. I haven't told anyone apart from my partner because I can't answer the questions that I know are bound to be asked. Advice/Support would be greatly appreciated, thank you x 

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