Bbt chart analysis


this is my first full month of charting bbt. I am currently 11dpo with bfn this morning. I don't really know what this chart means and wondered if you could take a look and give me your opinion please :) image


  • Hi Haylzp,

    there is a clear thermal shift there for ovulation so thats good, other than that I can't tell you much hun sorry :(

    11dpo is still early, keep an eye out to see what your temperature does for the next couple of days leading up to your period due date.

    if it shoots up higher again I'd take another test, if it drops below your coverline that may mean your period is coming

    good luck!

  • Hi i think you might have ovulated where your chart is saying 2dpo...the reason the red ovulation lines are dotted means fertility friend is not certain you ovulated on the the the lines cross. The reason im saying 2dpo is your 'real ovulation day' is because you have 3 sustained higher temps than your could be 9dpo and not 11.

    I was getting bfns right up to 12dpo with first morning urine. 

    I found mid afternoon urine worked for me...try not drink to much beforehand and dont pee for a good 3-4 hrs before hand 

    Hope this helps xxx

  • Thank you for your replies! I did think it would of been a little early for me to ovulate but I have found my cycles to be all over really. That is interesting. I usually use ovia and it doesn't have the cover lines etc so thought I'd give ff a go. And I am preferring it for the chart. 

    I decided to try without opks this months and be relaxed but I also found due to that we didn't dtd as much. Although saying that we would have dtd the day before ovulation and 2 days before that and that's it around ovulation time.

    Hopefully it was enough and combined with being more relaxed its done it This time round. 7th cycle trying to conceive. A lot of people keep saying that's not along time but to me it does feel like it. Xxx

  • Its hard to be patient when tttc!!! I know that first hand....but the first month i charted (most recent cycle) is when i got my bfp....i think the fertile window is so small...can only be 6hours out of a whole month sometimes that i felt i needed to chart to pinpoint ovulation both with opks and temping...just to spare myself the torchure of wondering did i bd on the right day lol xxxx

  • I have been having stomach and lower back cramps yesterday and today. Not really bad but I am aware of them. I am trying to ignore them but I am praying it's a good sign. I have ordered opks for next month incase I am unsuccessful again. So hopefully by charting and using opks I may hit ovulation.

    i have been having acupuncture every 2 weeks for the last month to try and relax me so hoping that has some positive effect too. Xx

  • Oh and congratulations :) 

  • I started lightly spotting last night which I normally get the day before af. So looks like she's coming early. My temp stayed on the same level this morning so I'm expecting a big dip tomo. Xx

  • Ye unfortunatemy she did. But it was a shorter cycle than normal which I'm happy about as mine have seemed to of been getting longer and longer. Into cycle 8 now and I didn't have to wait around too long for it. Always trying to see the positives in it Otherwise id go mad. Ha xx

  •  I'm having some trouble with my bbt chart. Did I ovulate? If so when? Is there a leutal phase & where and how long is it? What is an implantation dip & is there one on my graph or is it too early?


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