Tell me you see it too!

Hi Ladies, 

My husband and I are TTC,  I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant about 2 months ago.  I've been obsessively using HPTs and just tested today at lunch time (I know I should wait for FMU but I caved and took a test anyway). It's still 2 days before I am expecting AF.  My husband doesn't want to hear anything about tests until I can show him a blazing BFP.  

Does this look like a positive to you?  The line I see appeared almost instantly but it's so faint I do t know what to make of it... 



  • Hi MommyHarper, yes I definatelt see it however I don't trust blue dye tests, especially this one as they are well known for giving off faint lines even when not pregnant.

    can you try with a pink dye test like first response? They are more sensitive

  • hey sweetie i see it!!! good luck xx

  • Ok ladies, 

    I went out and got a first response test and it's a light line too but I'm hopeful.  What do you think??


  • Hey mommyharper,

    that line is easily visible however I cant see very well whether the line is pink or not.

    first response while very sensitive do sometimes have indent lines that show up and they are grey or colourless shadowy type lines. They aren't usually as dark as that though

    is the line clearly pink in real life? Sometimes it doesnt show very well on camera, might be able to see better if you take another photo outside in natural lighting

    sorry to sound overly cautious, and the test does look promising to be sure, just dont want you to be disappointed

  • It looks pink in person


    Stupid me, I showed my husband.  And he says "you're not even pregnant, what are you talking about" UGH!

  • It looks promising, Im leaning toward BFP but not 100% sure.

    If its a positive if you test again in two days the line will be darker, may even be darker tomorrow.

    I hope your husbands wrong and you get to shove it in his face say 'i told you so', its very satisfying 😋

  • Was it first morning pee?

  • No i took it at like 3pm and didn't even really have to pee.  I'm just so excited I forced myself to pee haha.  

    I hope I get the tell him to go stuff it too (he's such a butthead sometimes)

  • Ok, if you had to force some pee out when you didn't need to go (no judgement here I've done it too hahahaha) its likely your urine was very diluted.

    take another in the morning first morning pee!

    or try not going for at least 4 hours tonight and testing

    what i do is pee in a cup and check if the urine is dark enough and then if it is i'll dip the test to avoid wasting one if the urine is too diluted- first response tests arent cheap!

  • Yes, first thing tomorrow morning, I'll let you know how it goes!!!

  • Please do, good luck!

  • I'm a little discouraged because my test from this morning is just as light as yesterday's.  I'm so scared this means another miscarriage 😢image

  • Hi mommyharper, I don't think that its another miscarraige. But it could be really bad indent lines showing, first response are bad for them, I've had them, and they suck ass. They arent usually this bad though, If this turns out to be the case, I'd personally call them and make a complaint as they need to take this stuff more seriously. 

    Or you may be pregnant but they hormones just aren't strong enough yet.

    you probably need to wait now to see if your period is late and test again. Can you pinpoint when you ovulated or are you just going on your regular cycle length? As after a miscarraige your cycles can go a little wobbly, and its also possible that its still a little early.

    good luck hun keep me updated I'm really crossing my fingers for you

  • you aren't technically supposed to do this, but if you crack open the test casing, and have a look at the actual strip in natural lighting, you might be able to see if its an indent line. If it is only an indent line you will be able to see the impression in the strip but there will be no colour/dye within the impression

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