Am i now pregnant?

Hi ladies i need help- 

i cane on my period last month on the25th june (two days late as came on 23rd may) so im guessing im due on 25th of july- me and my partner are sexually active almost everyday. Iwent to the toilet yesterday and noticed a small amount of pinkish brownish bloody (really gewy) on my toilet paper- i didnt think nothing of it and carried on with my day- last night i went to the toilet and see a slightly bigger amount but this time on my underwear- not alot but enough for me to bin my thongs (sorry for tmi) i decided to wear a sanitary towel last night and woke up today to nothing- not even a spec of blood at all- iv experienced cramping what lasts 1/2 mins and goes.

i am trying for a baby but dont want to get my hopes up. My breasts arent sore and im not pering alot- but iv noticed i could easily go for a nap durin the day which is really not like me. 


  • Hi Maryshannon,

    only a test will tell you if you are pregnant or not, symptoms are different for everybody and many can be caused by the post ov progesterone rising. Have you taken a home pregnancy test?

  • No not yet as i think its too early as not due until 25th x

  • Yes definately much too early if period is due on the 25th, I'd give it at least another 4 days before testing, good luck!

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