Could I be pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had sex the three days before, the day I ovulated and the day after i ovulated. It's is now like 2-3 weeks later and I'm 5 days late on my period, I tested the first day of my missed period and got a BFN. 

im feeling a lot more tired, very sore boobs, slight cramping (not like my normal cramps when I get my period) lower back pains, and more discharge than usual. 

could I be pregnant?


  • I am wondering the same thing. My last af was on june 26-30. My cycles are usually 28 on the dot. Me and bf had intercourse july 1-7. I got my peak on ovulation test on july 6. On wednesday july 13, (7 dpo) i had cramps and really bad lower back pain. Thursday (8dpo) i had pulling feeling in right ovary area. Today i am 9dpo and i woke up to breast feeling bruised but now they are ok just feel really heavy and uncomfortable. I cant drink my usual coffe and foods i like. Im not due to start my period for another 8 days. Was the cramping i experienced implanntation? They come and go now. I usually dont cramp until day before af. Im really hoping i conceived. Thoughts?

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