Chemical pregnancy...I don't get it! Please help and advice


ive posted a couple of times about this but I'm starting to get really stressed.

my last period was the 26th may! I do have long cycles but got very excited this month when AF never came. Two days after AF was due to arrive I got a faint positive test. Then negative since. 

GP said it's likely to be a chemical pregnancy. I'm now 10days late still having negative tests, cramping every day, bloated and feeling queezy. 

This has never happened to me before, I just want to bleed and be done with it. How long does it usually take? And what will happen to my cycle after it? 


  • That sounds very stressful. Usually with a chemical you bleed around when ad is due. Maybe ask your doc for some blood tests Xx

  • With mine it has taken a very long time before I bleed, usually when my next af is due or a bit before 

  • With mine I bled the day after test turned negative. The hospital had told me to expect to start bleeding within days. had said if it didn't happen to call them. I think you should go back to your doctor or go to the hospital. I'm very sorry this has happened to you

  • Thanks for your comments and advice. Still no AF but still BFN. Oddly last week i had a very positive OPK, I wonder if my body has just skipped a head slightly and bypassed my monthly visit. I have no really clue what has happened, cramping has all subsided so I'm just taking it all as it comes. 

  • You poor thing, I hope something happens one way or another for you soon. Its horrible been in limbo

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    Little update for you all. Cramping again so took a first response! 

  • OMG, wow, that's brilliant. Big congrats to you xx

  • I think I have just had a chemical pregnancy too. I had a faint but there positive pregnancy test on Saturday morning, then another on Monday although it hadn't got any darker. On Wednesday morning I did a clear blue digi which came up not pregnant. Shortly afterwards I started to really cramp and bleed and still the same now. Hoping it will just last the same as a normal period? 

    I had completely skipped my period by the Wednesday when I started to bleed so I think some people may just start to bleed later than others after a chemical preg. From what I've read some people test early get a faint positive and then come on when they were due af anyway. Whereas I was a whole week late got a faint and then bled! 

    Feeling very disappointed and sad 😔 I lost my first baby at 16 weeks which was heartbreaking and then had my gorgeous little girl. Was so excited to think we were going to give her a sibling then to have it taken away is a bit shitty!

    hope you are okay xx 

  • Just seen the above properly! Fab that your test is positive- also quite a strong line!!- maybe try a digi in a few days to put your mind at ease 😊

  • Oh MrsAsh, sorry to hear that, hope you are ok

  • Sorry to hear that MrsAsh. Sending lots of love. I had another test at the GP today slightly darker so feeling hopeful.

  • So pleased for you, sounds like it's moving in the right direction 😊

  • I took two pregnancy tests at home on Wednesday July 27th,and both had a faint line indicating they were positive. To be sure I took another test on Thursday July 28th,same result. I was so I was pregnant I felt so different. Then Friday the 29th I was supposed to receive my period and it never came. So again,i was so certain. I started getting stomach pains but I thought it was normal. Saturday the 30th I went to the e.r because the pains were so crucial. They told me I wasn't and never were pregnant. How can that be? I just don't understand how three positives turned into nothing. I am now having a period and waiting for my significant other to come with another test to see if it's possible to have another positive,and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Can anyone give me any advice?

  • I would say that if the hospitals test came up negative and you are now bleeding that you have had a chemical pregnancy. Take another home preg test to see if the hcg has gone away now you have started to bleed. 

    I am coming to the end of my bleeding now and hpt is negative, so it definitely didn't stick for me :( 

    So sorry to you! It's really disheartening thinking you have done it and then having it taken away! X 

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