PCOS and heredity

Hi, everybody! I am a mother of the awersome 3-year-old girl. At present, my husband and I are trying to conceive the second child. When my daughter was one year old, her brest started to grow. The doctors diagnosed her with early sexual development. When I got pregnant and the ultrasound checkup revealed that I will have a daughter, my gynecologist warned me that it's a great possibliy that my daugter will inherit PCOS. The gynecologist who treats my daughter also proved this idea. My hubby and I nearly dream about our second child. If you are able to conceive a boy, everything will be ok. But what will we do if it's a girl? I have already consulted some doctor (geneticists), they advaise me IVF with PGD or even egg donation. Has anyone here faced the problems of bad heredity? If, yes, could you please share your experience with me?

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