So emotional :( i dont know what this means.......

Dear Ladies,
Today feels like one of the most emotional days yet....I like many woman decided to test way earlier then anyone should...i tested at 6 dpo and got the faintest line known to man. But you just cant help it a moment of excitement runs thru your body . Can it be! After 5 months of shiny white tests does this mean something? When i landed back in reality very quick when everyone said probably not. Give it 2 days it will be darker. So I waited...2 days felt like 2 months ...Finally this morning was the day! Im going to wake up see that stick glowing and thank god this emotional journey is finally ended with the gift ive been praying for...But it didnt happen like that i took 4 tests. Lets make sure we dont confuse anything. One last night..The walmart 88 cent one. Negative...ok im still excited that one needs alot of hcg only 8/9 dpo .The fre is where the answers are 2 fre tests and 1 more dollar tree...and wait..... checked at 3 mins and both seem to be doing something! Checked at 10 mins and all 3 have the same faint would be darker by now!!!! why does it keep doing this? and the dollar tree one has the same faint line...If it was real then if the dollar tree had a faint line wouldnt the fre test be lite like a Christmas tree? My husband comes in and says " baby if there was no youtube, no google no facebook and you came in and looked at these they would be a no right?" i instantly wanted to just cry. i get what hes saying im reaching for a positive...but i act so strong i dont think he knew what a blow emotionally that was to me hearing him not have the hope i had...I dont even know why we test early these faint lines are so emotionally exhausting i dont know how everyone doesnt cry seeing these as much as a negative...I dont even know if it should be good news..There not much darker if any?so that means what ...but why every test..2 sept boxes of fre all faint lines and now even a dollar tree. why ? Its so emotional😢And hearing my husband look at that test and say he has no hope ...took all mine away today:( I feel so silly crying over faint lines at 8/9 dpo but i feel like i cant stop myself from feeling sad.image


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