Confused about potential implantation bleeding - please help :(

Any advice or other experiences would be really appreciated as I'm soo hopeful for a BFP soon (I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and have been trying ever since). Sorry for long explantation!

My confusion is this... I normally have 28-30 day cycles. This month i had EWCM at about CD11/12 so thought I must be ovulating then but would seem a little early for my cycle length. I didn't do any other tests to see when I was ovulating. We bd'd every other day from about cd6 - cd18. On CD19 for the first time ever I had some spotting followed by some very light pink coloured discharge which lasted about 1.5 days. I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding but wasn't sure as surely it's too early for that with my 28-30 day cycles? 

I have had so many symptoms including nausea, dizziness when standing up, exhaustion and more frequent urination. But today I am cd23 and just had a Bfn ☹️ It's 4 days since the spotting so surely if it was implantation bleeding I would have got at least a faint bfp by now? 

Has anyone been through anything similar and got a BFP? Or had spotting but not ended up being pregnant? 

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