Do this look like a postive test.


  • imagehere is another one

  • I can see it are u late and did it show in the right time? Maybe test again using pink dye test in a day or so as if u are ur hormones will have risen and u should get a clearer line. I can Def see the line though good luck

  • Thanks no I'm not late I been using Ovia fertility a app you can download own your phone it tracks everything. But it told me I have 3 days until I can test because that's when my period is due. But I just test early and this what I got.

  • Yeah so test the day ur due on again and then ull definitely know for sure does look pretty positive to me though. Waiting sucks I kinda know when I'm pregnant now pregnant with my 3rd and tested at a week early got a faintest positive so waited until I was due that was a definite positive good luck 

  • I think it could be. Did the line come up within the first few minutes? I'd suggest taking a first response they are more sensitive than clear blue and if you are pregnant you will probably get a clearer line with the first response. Just remember to wait until your pee is more concentrated (first morning urine) again or you may get a false negative seeing as its early days still

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