Feeling pregnant

Greeting ladies!

First time on a forum like this. 38 year old here, from wi.

I had my period from July 2nd through July 6th. I went to a country music festival in july 6th where I hooked up w my ex the entire time. I know ooops. 

He is a pretty safe bet I thought since he had a vasectomy a few years earlier w his now ex wife. Anyways that sat the 9th I started to feel funny ie headache, period cramps (never have these after) backache. I would have ovulated around this time w out me planning it etc. I thought it was just from drinking and partying too much however it is now a week and a half later. I have had the following sysmtom:


Backache galore

Nausau (no throwing up)

Uterus feels like it is cramping 

Tightness in my uterus today

Lots of CM

Period isnt due for another  2 weeks I think. (I never track this normally).

1. Anyone know of a pregnancy after a vasectomy? Really dreading informing the ex if I am pregnant. Oh the drama this will cause.

2. Can you feel pregnant a few days later? Did you get a positive pt?

Kinda lost here....just ordered some tests online but hoping for some support, advice, etc.


  • Those symptoms you are describing are my ovulation symptoms exactly. With the timing you could actually be ovulating right now. If thats the case you wouldn't get pregnant from having sex around the 6th of july.

    its very unlikely (though not impossible) that you ovulated on saturday the 9th as that was only cycle day 7 for you if your last period started on the 2nd. Unless you normally have quite short cycles? If your period is late you should test, unfortunately thats the only way to know for sure

  • If you DID ovulate on the 9th, then yes you could get pregnant from sex on the 6th. Vasectomies aren't always 100% and sperm can live a few days.

    If you did ovulate on the 9th, then you would be 10 days after ovulation right now, and can take an early test in another 4 days or so

  • Yes my cycles are usually 3 to 4 days long. I read online that I could ovulate early w a shorter cycle.

    I normally dont worry about this stuff but worried now since I have all these craxy things going on w my body.

    Also super tired as well. Boobs are their normal fullness but dont know if they blow up this early.

  • Did you mean to say your period is 3-4 days long? Cycle and period are not the same. Cycles generally range from 21-35 days with 28 days being an average

  • Yes I meant my period is 3 to 4 days.

    Feeling a bit more emotional too but I am contributing that to my moms 1 yr anniversary of her passing coming up. Dont think I can really count that as an emotional symptom of pregnancy.

  • Hedda I'm sorry to hear about your mum, tough time and no surprise you are feeling emotional. 

    The length of your period doesn't really have an effect on your cycle length. your cycle length is the time from the first period till the day before the next one starts. Do you know how long yours is?

  • You know for all my years, I never paid any attention but normally my periods are 3 to 4 days so I am going to say 26 days. 

    I haven't had to worry about this before due to the vasectomy my ex had before, even before that I used condoms, bc. 

    I know my body pretty well and just never felt this strangeness it is going through now. I never have pms stuff afterwards, normally a day or two before bit never after. Which is why I am seeking real life stories from ladies that have become pregnant after their SO had one. 

  • Ok well I cant help you there about pregnancy after vasectomy sorry other than to say its certainly possible. 

    Good luck

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