help ??!? im so confused

i have no health problems that i am aware of. ttc. few symptoms but nothing that was screaming for attention, didnt wanna get hopes up. have noticed a lot more cm, usually clear. very wet. (sorry if tmi). backache in lower back. sore boobs. my period came for days late. started off as spotting but has built up within last 24hrs. I usually have a somewhat heavy flow. especially the first few days. right now its still not enough to fill a pad, started off as light pink cm and became a brughter red with specks in it. has dried up a bit, but still odd. most is seen usually just when i wipe rather than in the pad. i dont usually get cramps but I've had almost constant subtle cramping in my lower abdomin area since this had started. nothing thats causing me to bend over its just worring me. earlier this month i did experience cramping in this area but it was more of pinching/ pulsating kind thats like a shot. felt in lower back, hips, and cervix. if this type of bleeding came earlier i would consider it implantation bleeding of some sort, but im worried since its more of a late period. id love any advice or comments !! xxo


  • ok so I got my period four days late. it started out as light pink cm when i wiped. became spotting and built up within 24hrs but not enough for me to think its my normal period at all. by the 3rd day i was wearing just a liner. not a pad ! and it wasnt even enough to cover it. it became more brown tinted when i wiped. the blood on the liner wasnt red as im used to. today is the fourth day. i dont even know of i would count it. there is nothing when i wipe at all. im completely "off my period". could this be late ib or do i sound insane ?? haha xxo. 

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