Help?! I feel pregnant but all bfn

Hi, I am about 8 days late , 23dpo no signs of AF coming. I have taken about 8 hpt . all bfn . maybe possibly one faintest line, maybe I'm seeing things. Buty I have these symptoms,

Sometimes Nauseous throughout the day. No vomiting


Light Cramping and tugging in lower abdomen , much worse yesterday and today .

Dreams more vivid than normal

Very very moody thought the past two weeks

Extreme bloating the past week and a half. 

No spotting at all

I just have this feeling that hasn't been there before, I've been keeping an eye on my weight so I've noticed I've gained a little, the bloating is probably water but its extreme.  Can I be pregnant with bfn on all hpt? That faint one maybe an evap


  • If you're 8 days late and actively ttc I'd suggest seeing your gp. You could request blood test for hcg. Good luck to you 

  • Thank you, I'm not taking any hormones , but charting and tracking my ovulation, so half actively ttc, I'll most likely schedule an appoint for a few days if AF doesn't arrive . and take more hpt at different times of the day

  • Are you taking your basal body temp so are 100% sure of ovulation date? Or are you just tracking symptoms and periods etc

  • Hey Gaierenee... Have you recently come off the pill? I had similar symptoms when I came off, my periods were so late and I had all these weird symptoms.

    If thats not the case, you should probably go see a doc.

  • I came off nuvaring about 6 months ago, so my body has been pretty much regulated by noww

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