Ovulation Test Strips - Part 6

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Ovulation Test Strips Part 5 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Another new thread!! Page 1 here we come:) x

  • Yeah I know tracy just seems to be taking forever I've got more bloods on the 9th August and if my bloods say no ovulation then I'm getting refered hopefully il get Clomid 

  • Oh wow new thread already! That was fast! Hopefully new thread will bring about new and better news! 😊

  • Omg us ladies must love to talk :)))

  • Cd1 for me as well! Let's hope we get some positives this cycle image

  • Hey ladies im on cd3 and my periods are so light these past few months normally there heavy and I no I'm on my period but this month and last month have been light and I've forgotten I'm on my period is this why my blood test said I'm not ovulating? or is it just im having light periods now for ten years I've had heavy painful periods now i have nothing 

  • If your progesterone came back at 30 and positive OPKs I'd say you are ovulating??

    mine is 24 with positive OPKs my gynea bloke thinks I'm ovulating but I just don't know!! My periods are medium flow for 2-3 days then lighter xxx

  • Have a lovely weekend ladies:)

    Im currently 4dpo forever hopeful but deep down you just think it won't happen:/

    Im away from next Saturday with all the family and my AF is due during our hols unfortunately!!

    Hipe you are all well:)

  • Mma I'm 4 dpo also. And not feeling particularly hopeful too 😅

  • Have a nice holiday mma would love a holiday Im cd4 and have bad back ache at the base of my back 😭 

  • Good luck missmyangles and amoeba, hope we see some bfp this month image

  • Good luck mma im 6dpo but not hopeful but only three weeks till gyny then I will be more hopeful, u will get caught mma just takes time after miscarriage xxx

  • its been 4 months since my last mc so hoping I will get caught this month 

  • Emma 92 I no the feeling ifs been over two years for myself but I'm not giving up.

  • Emma usually takes us 4-6 months in general and after miscarriage x

  • Is anyone taking vitamins and what ones? I've been taking folic acid the last 2 months should I been taking any other vitamins? 

    hope everyone is enjoying to sun image

  • Hi mrs d folic acid is all u need to take xx

  • went to a christening today and sat next to a pregnant lady made me sad 😭😭

  • image

    Can you ladies help me? Do you think this opk is defo a positive? I've never had a positive before xx

  • Yes that OPK is defo positive:) you have 12-24 hrs to get as much nookie in as possible!! 36 hrs maximum:)

    good luck 


    I take pregnacare trying to conceive vits and my hubby takes wellman trying to conceive vits joint effort I've had 3 very healthy pregnancy outcomes using these I then move on to pregnancy ones with added omega 3,6 & 9 in when they run out after a positive pg test:)

    weve fallen pg 8 times whilst taking them every little helps eh!!

    mine are about £8.99 Hubbys are £10.50 I think per months supply can buy them joint in a box too for about £18. Super drug often have deals to look out for as well as on the Internet:)

    Boots are 3 for 2 

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