Took a clear blue test with faint vertical line

So lately I've noticed some symptoms like enlarged , sore breast nipples back aches , cravings , always running to bathroom .certain smells that didn't bother me before are now making me sick. Mild cramping but no bleeding . Ive never experienced these symptoms before

I've always have irregular periods , so when I skipped my June period I didn't think much of it . I'm now 32 days late for my period. 

I've taken four pregnancy test two last week  ,that came back negative.

I took one yesterday , a clear blue digital one  (mid day ) and that one also said "not pregnant" I also had my doctor do a urine test and it came back negative as well . And he said if it's negative then it's negative . image

But then took one  first thing in the morning and I got a faint vertical line 3 minutes after I took it . 

I'm not sure if I should consider it a positive or not because all the other test said (negative or "not pregnant")


  • It looks positive to me, congratulations happy 9months. You can test again with another brand with first morning urine to see what happens 

  • My obgyn told me you will never have a false positive so congratulations. Test in a few days to make sure the line gets darker! :) 

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