Can thrush be a early pregnancy sign ????

I posted a week or so ago , thinking that I had ovulated really early , after on day 9 I started with nasty thrush I hadn't it in years and years it lasted for a week then cleared up with canstan cream . I'm now on day 19 and the thrush is coming back again , could this be a early sign of pregnancy or am I clutching at straws , thanks xx


  • I had re occurring thrush when pregnant with lo. But this was much much later on in pregnancy. Well into the 3rd trimester. Who knows? Just have to wait and see. Sorry that wasn't very helpful. Good luck to you and baby dust 

  • Thanks for the reply, I did have it when I was pregnant with my daughter but yea it was at 16 weeks , but it seems so odd that I have got it when I havent had it in so many years xx

  • I never had thrush with my other pregnancy but I had it just after I conceived this time I thought with that and my tender breast hot flushes I was pregnant and I was. Definitely a sign for me this time round 

  • I've had thrush since 4 days after ovulation ,  I thought it had passed but I feel very sore again today , it's nice to hear other girls have had thrush as a early pregnancy sign , any positive stories are great , but my period isn't due for another 10 days anyway so I will just have to wait and see what happens x 

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