TTC- month number 4. Changes maybe????

My Husband and I are trying to conceive for the last 4 months, and this month my period ended on CD4 still had spotting on CD5 so we took a break and we had intercourse From CD9 till lastnight CD12 but i recall seeing the Egg white CM on CD10. i was getting cramps from CD8 i am not sure whats happening but hubby and i really want a baby. is it alright to just carry on intercourse until CD23, Please can someone experienced help me. is it possible that i ovulated earlier?


  • You can carry on having intercourse as and when you wish. You have your fertile window from when you're most likely to conceive which from the sounds of it I'm guessing you know when that is. It is normal to have ovulation symptoms before, during and after ovulation. Just a case as everyone is different. Sometimes an app or using OPKs can help. 

    4 months ttc is still early days. It can take most helathy couples up to year to successfully conceive. Good luck to you and baby dust. 

  • Are you taking any folic acid? 

  • Thanks so much BethL... yes i think i ovulated yesterday though. My strong feeling tells me that. But its reallly in Gods hands now. I had lots of cramping yesterday poking pains. Including vaginal  muscles felt sore. Today its very mild.. My guess is that i ovulated yesterday on CD12 but i could be wrong. So i will carry on until my period is due

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