Confused over cycles - again!

Hi, new to posting but have been reading for a while - we've been TTC for just over a year (on and off, not seriously but not not trying if you see what i mean?) and i am so confused about my latest cycle Any opinions would be welcome!

My last definite AF started 11 Jun. My usual cycle is 28-29 days. I was due to o on 24 Jun (cd14). We bd'd on 1, 2, 3 Jul (weren't really trying this month). I was due AF on 9 Jul but nothing happened.

11 - 15 Jun saw 3 x HPT, all FMU, all negative. Very tired, napped in pm, very unusual. On 15 Jul at cd35 we BD again, and I noticed a pinkish smear on wiping later that evening.

16 Jul (cd36) I had 3 pink / brown "splodges" on a pantyliner. Overnight i lost a little more, but still very light and brownish.

17 Jul (cd37)  boobs sore and back hurt, very irritable but still no proper flow.

18 Jul (cd38) (sorry if TMI) half filled a towel by mid afternoon then nothing. No cramping and no clots, very watery and maroon coloured!?! Not like normal AF at all!

19 Jul (cd39?) to today (21 Jul, cd 41?) Sorry if TMI again, pale brown mucusy discharge on and off, only needed pantyliner. Tested this afternoon, negative again.

I'm very confused by this cycle as it was completely different than usual, I'm wondering if i o'd late? Also know today's pm test was a bit impulsive, will test in the morning but expecting this is not my lucky month... Though a tiny part of me hopes for that little second line! What do you think?

Good luck to all those TTC (and probably a bit less haphazardly than me!)

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