Help! Is this positive??? IUD mirena removed last month!

I'm trying to add a photo and keep getting errors...Can someone help? 

Anyways im not sure what dpo I am since i just had IUD mirena removed early june  I started my period June 24 But I'm not sure if I'm regular yet since it was my first cycle since removal....

ive been having pregnancy symptoms so i toms so I decided to test and received a super faint line on a exact blue dye test... I'm not sure if I should trust it! 

ladies help! Has anyone gotten a bfp after IUD removal within there first cycle??? 


  • It's possible, do try uploading the pic so we can help further 

  • I've tried but I'm on my phone and it doesn't seem to be working... 

  • my friend had hers out a month and a half ago and she get her bfp yesterday!

  • Omg congrats to her on her bfp!!!! 

    i didn't think it would be that quick for everything to return to normal. I wasn't really keeping track... If my cycle did return to a regular 28 day cycle id be due for Aunt Flo today. No sign yet and took another hpt and still a extremely faint "am I seeing things" positive... You would think it would be dark If she was in fact due today! But I've been having symptoms since at least the 10th of July... I don't know if it's all in my head or if it's due to the lovely mirena crash I've heard all about. *sigh* bodies are confusing. And unforchantly I really don't know what my cycle is like anymore. I had my daughter November 2014. And my cycles never had a chance to return to normal before I had the IUD put in. My boyfriend and I aren't exactly ttc. I had the mirena removed due to spotting and weight gain. And I've been using the diaphramn as birth control. But we aren't exactly using it everytime! In fact we discussed doing away with it and letting nature take its course :) but nature may have taken its course a lot sooner then expected! 

    I sure wish I could upload a picture! Unforchantly it's a dreaded blue dye test so I don't know maybe it's just a shadow or a evap. But on two tests????? Ahhhh I'm confused! 

    sorry for the extremely long winded reply! 

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