Ttcing and abnormal smear results. Colposcopy


we have been ttc for quite awhile now and I have rescently had a smear test with abnormal results and so have to have a colposcopy. I just wondered if I should put ttc off until I've had it done? I have tried getting a phone call back from the doctors to ask but I can't get one for 10 days and by that point I will have ovulated this month. I don't want to miss out on ttc as its been 8/9 months of trying so far But obviously if it is best to then I will. Has anybody had one done? x


  • Hi

    i would definately put ttc on hold, I had a colposcopy done & then had to get cold coagulation after that (not very nice at all), they say you shouldn't even get a smear if you are pregnant so make sure & get whatever treatment you need to 1st. 

  • Yep put it on hold I had abnormal result in Feb and I'm now 12 weeks pregnant complete shock. my results were cin1 so should have gone back to normal on their own but my 6 month check is Wednesday and midwife has told me to go anyway so they can decide what to do. they tell u to wait until u get the all clear but I was on the pill came off because was making me I'll and didn't make it to the docs in time to change contraception. Completely my naive fault as wasn't expecting to get pregnant that quickly good luck 

  • Thank you for your replies :) it says I have low grade diskaryosis and positive hpv. I don't really understand the hpv part as it wasnt there at my last smear 3 years ago and me and my husband have been together for 6 years so I don't know why it's only just showing up now and not then? 

  • Yeah they didn't test me for that but mine was my first smear and I asked them they said it probably was that ( I was worried and did research before) mine was med/high grade so hoping things are back to normal now they just did a biopsy on the worse affected cells they spray inside with a liquid so it shows them on the camera thing, they talked me through the whole thing I hardly felt anything. Me and my partner have been together 6 years too but he has cheated on me a while back but as this was my first I don't know lol 

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