Am I pregnant?!?! Faint positive?

Hi there :-) 

New to Made For Mums.

We are not actively trying at the moment as I'm due to start a new job, but we do plan to start soon and wish to have another baby next year :-) 

I had my period last week - it was slightly lighter and I had no pain whatsoever. Lasted the same amount of time - fresh blood as well as old (sorry tmi) 

But for the week after I have had pregnancy symptoms that I had with my LG. Took an ovulation test today and thought for some reason I'd just do the pregnancy test too which came with it. I came back to it after 5-10 minutes and it was a faint positive. I was shocked ?? 

Then I googled and found a few threads about evap lines! ive taken other tests plus a digital and have got all negative but the first one was fmu. 

is this an evap line or am I pregnant? i have also read about chemical pregnancies! 

anyone with experience of this help me out!! Please and thank you :) image

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