Help help help

2 months missed period coming up for 3 

normal blood results 

negitive tests 

headaches sicky feeling once or twice sore back toilet non stop really sore heavy boobs which is not normal even around period times after having my son they was just skin really no feeling 

can't get an doctors apppintment till middle August 😓

wiped after urination tonight to 2 little blood spots 

help🤔 Really confused 


  • Sore back 😭

  • Jc2016 ignore the spam post above ^^^^

    I'm not sure what it would be hun, maybe you need to have an ultrasound done? Have you ever missed periods before?

  • Never had missed period except when I fell pregnant with my son 😂 

    Had late by a few days but never 2 months stopped for no reason 🤔

  • My doctors are useless with them doing test and bloods i would be very very lucky to get anything more from them 

    I just want to get to the bottom of this missed periods as I'm on no birth control and been fine for 2 years with periods after son 😑 I can't think of any other reason all these symptoms indicate to 

  • I would suggest you find another doctor, asap. Simply not good enough!

  • Doctor round here are only within your area u can't change 😓 I retested this morning and the test didn't work no lines as all 😵 

  • Oh wow thats awful! Where do you live hun? Here you can go to whatever doctor you like. 

    What kind of tests are you using?

  • Scotland 

    it's all about catchment areas 

    I'm in for another blood test tomorrow after a big uproar but I've heard so many negitive things about them being wrong 

    they took my blood last week and only tested for pcos 

    I've been using tesco one that's the only shop  near me 

    they are the blue strips 

    I used clear blue last pregnancy and it was negitive then less than a week later I tested with another supermarkets own pink brand and got 2 faint lines then a clear blue Digital positive at 6 weeks gone  

    could a urine infection make my results a negitive ehen I could be pregnant 

  • Blood tests are usually spot on its very rare to have a false negative on a blood test. No I don't think a urine infection would effect the results

  • Hi you must be going through quite a bit. Have u got any gum clinic in ur area. They deal with sexual health and there also  family planning clinin. They would be ur next resort if drs arnt helping. 

    We have the same problem in london with drs appts...soo annoying. Wish u luck. X

  • Without getting referred from a doctor unfortunately not 😒

  • What's the best test to buy 🤔

  • The most sensitive is first response, its a pink dye test. clear blue digital are alse very good but arent as sensitive as first response. Stay away from blue dye tests!!!

  • Blue is what I've been using another test at doctors today still neg

    have had bad pain in my right side of belly tonight 

    hopefully have blood results back by Friday 

  • 13 weeks still no periods 👎🏻👎🏻

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