Why Am I Not Conceiving


Me and my partner have been trying for almost 2 years to try and conceive and nothing so far we are pretty emotional about this! Just given up now for about 6 Months.

I have had about few sex partners around 20 which I am not proud of and my partner in his 2nd and which I used condoms with some of these, I'm 17 and I know people may be like your to young ect but me and my partner are ready.

Here is my questions ect..
I have been having Lower back pain, Pelvis pain in my right had side for over 5 years now and also been leaking without knowing(wee)

I have a skin condition down stairs which iv had all my life and when I leak it hurts my skin condition because wee is really acidic!

I sometimes have pain in my Virginia but this is only some times. I don't bleed after sex of while havin sex but I have been thinking there is something wrong with me for 3 years I have been going the doctors about my side pains but they can't find nothing(this isn't ovulation pain)

I have been thinking maybe I have cervical cancer due to my

Back pain
Pelvis pain
Pain while having sex

Me and my partner have been tested for Chlamydia and both came back negative, but I just don't get why I'm having these pains and not being able to conceive.

Anyone think I have a chance of having cervical cancer or know anything what it could be PLEASE 

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