I feel so down

Hi everyone feeling so down and upset me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 2 years now and nothing but there isn't anything wrong with any of us so why can't we conceive? My body is being very cruel to me this month I am 10 days late for my period tested today I was sure I was going to get my BFP but there was only 1 line :( BFN every time I get a negative I feel like I break a little bit more on the inside why can't I have a baby and there's people who don't want children getting pregnant. I feel like I will never be a mum image


  • Hi , I'm so sorry for your heart ache , I am also trying to get pregnant ,  we've been trying for a year with no luck , however I'm nearly 40 so I knew the odds were against me from the start , I have 3 gorgeous teenagers from my first marriage but my new husband has no children of his own and I really wanted to give him a baby , so I can understand your pain , but just to give you some hope , it took me 16 months to get my 1st son when I was only 21. So hang in there and stay positive, have you been to you GP for any advice ?? X 

  • Thanks for your reply. gp ain't very helpful I'm 25 so they say I'm still young and not to worry as all my tests are normal. I drive myself crazy seeing lines that ain't even there x

  • It can just take longer for some women than others , like I said 16 months for my first son , then 6 months for my second soN and 1 month for my daughter , and now it's been a year and nothing , I will happen for you honey , but if your feeling stressed then tell your doctor you want to see a fertility expert x

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