cd 22 6-7 dpo part 3

Hi everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the cd 22 6-7dpo Part 2 thread, as the last part of has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Wishing you all BFP's soon and so much baby dust!



  • Thank you 😊 Hopefully this page will bring better news 

  • Hopefully Emma, hope your tests go well.  I rang the women's health department before I left, they confirmed I'd get my results in November

  • thsts a long time to wait I waited 2 days can't they give you them sooner 

  • They said not, they said the Doctor likes to do all results at same time

  • Hi Emma how are you doing? 

    im still suffering with swelling - I think it's possibly water retention.  Still having some pelvic aches - on the right side yesterday. Left before.  They are not constant though, more so when I'm sat up or lay down.  Still no aF - today is cd57, I think this is the longest I've gone since coming off the pill last year.  Still getting bfns, cm discharge seems to have dried up a little.  had slightly sensitive nipples but that seems to have eased too.  

  • im good thanks meme I'm on cd 13 not using opk this cycle just taking folic acid 

    hope u get some answers soon meme

  • No Cassanovum this cycle?

  • Not this cycle meme not even using opk just having fun I'm taking folic acid thats it

  • fun is the main thing  Good luck 

  • Yeah it's like we've just started dating again just having sex where ever haha like teenagers lol

  • I'm well and truly jealous right now.  We are having a vacation and staying with in laws.  I have coped for 2 weeks I'm nearing the end of my tether privacy wise.  

  • bless ya when are you home

  • End of the month 

  • Cd60 still bfn.  I really really uncomfortable Abc bloated like I just need af 

  • Cd60 wow that's a long cycle what tests are you using 

  • At the bringingof my testing I used first response and some other test I bought from home bargains.  I don't have any more first response and am saving my Clearbue and other home bargains pee stick until I get an indication on the ebay cheap strips.  

    Not getting hardly any cramping no tender breast or sore nipples any more no symptoms, just bloated and uncomfortable.  

    My swollen feet n ankles are slightly better.  

    I guess it's changes of being away from home delaying things

  • Cd68 still no af and bfn

  • thats a long time, maybe you have a period every other month?

  • Maybe.  How's your month going? 

  • Going ok not done a test due next Friday I think not really been keeping track this cycle my bloods said I def ovulated this month 

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