Testing 6 days early , first response

Hi ladies , I am due on my period in 6 days , I'm so tempted to do a first response early test as it says you can test 6 days early , but how likely is it to get a accurate result ????? I wonder what percentage a pregnancy show up this early or am I best to wait until period is due, any thought ????


  • I tested 3 days early with a FR and got negatives until the day I was actually due! I know it's so so hard but try and wait xx

  • The longer you can wait the better although much easier said than done! I got my positive on a frer at 8dpo!xx

  • Thanks for the replies ladies , I couldn't help myself and ended up testing last night and got a negative result 😓 so either I tested to soon or I'm not pregnant again this cycle xxx

  • Also I think I ovulated early this cycle so, it would be 14 days now so I prob should of tested positive at 6 days early if I were pregnant , so I think I will just wait for my period to show up now x 

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