hey! New to here! But I need some sort of way to off load the amount of pressure I'm feeling? Hopfully find some people who are going through the same thing? 🙏🏻 

been trying to conceive for 3 years, nothing wrong with me and nothing wrong with my husband so classed as (unexplained) which I still find hard after spending so much money and time in trying to find out. 😭 

Statred my first iui last Thursday with clomid and 1 ovitrelle injection .. So I'm 6 days past iui and I feel I'm due my period which I am ment to be due end of next week. The problem with my body and mind is it plays these tricks on me .. Makes me feel pregnant but I'm not?!  I've got 10 days till I can test which I'll be due my period anyway so guess that will be the sign. Is there anyone else losing the will to live? There's not much imfo on iui I know it's a low success rate but this 2 week wait is torture!  

Hoping I can hold that little miracle one day 🙏🏻

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