I need some help! I am 8 days late on my period. Me and my fiancee have been tryin to have a baby for 3 months. Every preg test I have taken has come up negative. But like I said I'm 8 days lat, before I could NEVER lay on my back to sleep now. Most night that's the only way I can sleep with a pillow under my back. I have headaches mostly at night. I get nausea sometimes but never puke. I've had cramp like pains in my lower stomach and right now I'm having pains like someone is cuttin my stomach liner. My fiancee and his family said I been real moody here latley. And when I stretch it feela like I'm ripping my stomach. When I bend over it feels like something is stoping me and then it kinda hurts. I do have a little bit of a gut but I've never noticed this.  I haven't had any cravings that I've noticed and I don't eat more than I usually do. This is the first time I would be preg. And the doc won't see my bc they will do the same preg test I have been doing. Helpimage

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