Late menstruation

Hey guys so im one week late now on my period, three days before my pd was supposed to start I bad had some spotting i thought it might be my period starting a bit earlier since im not regular so that same day the spotting stopped, I've been having cramping like the pms cramping and my breast are starting to feel sore but I dont see any changes on them not visible changes anyways they just feel different, I have a lot of lower back pain ! I did a pregnancy test four days after my missed period and it was negative, I did it sometime during the day which as I read prior to this it It was probably best to have done that early in the morning. Could I be pregnant and if so why would the pregnancy test say negative? Im fixing to go as a walk in to my doctor's office to find out what it could be but I'd appreciate y'all comments and response (: 


  • I could be completely wrong but the spotting might have been implantation and 4 days after would make it 5 days after implantation of baby so maybe test again in the morning if u can or Saturday morning use first wee of the day. I had spotting it only lasted a day if that and tested 6-7 days later had a faint positive(wasn't first wee of day) so tested again 4 days after that and got a definite one, so you could have possibly tested to early u are irregular and I had just come of the pill and didn't know when to expect my period so in a similar boat to you. Sore boobs just after my first faint positive 

    Still go to docs maybe they can do a test for u?

  • Yesh thats what im gonna do (: thanks

  • I just realized I missed the whole big paragraph from the top, just read the last two sentences haha but that's what my friend said could be the bleeding from implantation since she's been pregnant before but she had no symptoms so that was as much as she could help me with lol but I do appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post (:

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