Hi I am new here I want to start off by saying I have been pregnant four times before I had a tubal reversal on June 29 May 1. I got on July 13 until the 19th me and my husband had the 19 20 21 I ovulated on 22 into 23 on 23 had light pink cm with nausea dizziness headache on Sunday cm was white with brown line and all symtoms tues yellow cm cramping lower stomach and lower back up until today I am 5dpo what do u ladies think


  • Can I ask what happened ? Were you pregnant? I am asking because in 2001 I had my tubes tied in 2011 I had a MC (freaked me out) and this month I have not gotten my period just the pink discharge and cramping and well I feel like I am pregnant .. has anyone ever had this happen???

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