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Anyone had any experience of a chemical pregnancy?

Hi all 

I haven't posted on here since I was ttc with my little girl who is now 3 🙂 

We have been trying since March for baby number 2! 

On saturday when my period was a few days late I took a first response which came back with a faint positive, I had another faint positive on Monday (which at the time I was concerned it hadn't got darker) 

On Wednesday I took a clear blue digi first thing which said "Not Pregnant" and following that I started to cramp and bleed heavy. Still bleeding now like a normal period but obviously feeling pretty down in the dumps about it. 

Pretty sure it is classed as a chemical pregnancy, has anyone else ever had one? Will I just bleed as long as a normal period now? 

I lost my very first baby at 16 weeks which was heartbreaking so I am thankful this is so early but I have taken it quite hard, after trying for 5 months we were so excited so the disappointment feels huge atm!


  • Hi I had a chemical pregnancy 3 months ago , one day before my missed period I had a faint pos on a clear blue early dictator test and a 1-2 weeks on a clear blue digital test , 2 days later I tested again with a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant , I was heart broken and the day after I started to bleed , the bleeding was slightly heavier than my normal period but I had a lot of stomach cramps , it lasted for 6 days , I know how heart breaking the feeling is , sending love and best wishes 

  • Thank you for your reply Kel. Feeling really really sad about it all. My other half works away so has been a lot to deal with on my own! Feel silly as I know there was no baby there or anything yet but was a lost opportunity 😔 

    Did your cycles go back to normal afterwards?x

  • I know what your saying it's hard to deal with , and Us women have to put a brave face on things , to be honest mine haven't , I've gone from a very regular 28 day cycle to 24 days ?????? I really don't know what's happening with my body at the min, we've been trying for a year now with no luck , and I get very low about it all, as if I'm a failure xxx but your cycle might return back to normal fast , my age doesn't help as I'm nearly 40 😓😓

  • 😞 that's rubbish, hopefully they even out for you a little more! I was always a 28 day Bob on cycle but since ttc #2 they've ranged from 24 (which is very short for me too!) to 26 days!! A pain cus I never really even know if i am late for my period! 

    You are definitely not a failure, although I definitely know that horrible feeling. Xx 

  • Thanks for the kind words honey , I really hope you conceive soon , and sorry for your early loss xxxx keep me posted with how your getting now x 

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