Pinching pain below belly button! Tww!


We have just started Ttc, and obviously I'm looking into every possible sign..

However, i had quite a lot of ovulating spotting which lasted 5 days on CD14. I have not been taking ovulation tests so not sure when it happened, but since I have been having pinching pains about 2 inches below and to the right of my belly button and also below my ribs, like a very mild stitch.

I am now on CD26, and the pains continue, not getting any worse or better.. I am pretty bloated and spotty though!

Did anyone have anything simila?  i have a doctors appointment to check it out, as I'm concerned I have a cyst or perhaps it's something to do with my stomach.. But I'd love to hear instead that it's implantation!

So yes.. Has anyone felt this Pain?

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