Tips and advice

Evening ladies 

Been ttc since jan and nothing as yet i am losing weight to help with things is there anything else i can do to help things 


  • Hi how are you...i have some tips that helped me get my 7wks pregnant

    I downloaded an app called fertility friend and used that to track my cycle...

    I bought a bbt thermometer from ebay

    I bought onestep ovulation strips from ebay.

    I took my bbt(basal body temp) from day one of period at the exact same time before i got out of bed every morning....if you google bbt youll see the signifigance of this.

    I took robitussen cough syrup for 5 days leading up to ovulation.....took ovulation tests at 2pm daily ....again google for more info on them

    After ovulation i ate pineapple core for 5 days to help with implatation.

    The first month i did all this i got my bfp...ttc since jan....good luck xx

  • Hi 

    Thank you for your reply 

    I will look into the suggestions and download that app  .


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