Could this be implantation? Mid cycle bleeding

Hi everyone. Been ttc since October with no luck. Cycles were every 24 days but last two been every 28 days. This period was strange lasting 7 days instead of 5 and very light. On cd8 I had ewcm so possibly ov then. Cd15 had bright red spotting that turned Brown later in day. Cd16 was the same. Cd 17 today and still bleeding. Not like period and only there when wipe or check cm. Quite watery. Today it is really dark brown. Could this be implantation? Had neg opk so not ov bleeding. Usually don't spot at all and periods usually v heavy. 


  • No spotting today cd 18. Anyone help? 

  • Cd18 have checked cervix and really really high. Light brown creamy cm up there. Sorry if tmi. Also have had a very short lived dizzy spell around an hour ago, I was sat down but head went all funny as if.i was going to faint. Really strange. Also have had 2 cups of coffee this morning as I just couldn't resist, even tho the taste of coffee is something I usually find awful. And I never ever drink it!! What's going on????? 

  • Would also add I have just done opk and was negative again. 

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