help is this a bfp??

Hello. Can someone help advise me. I am about 9dpo and I have had a few little symptoms on and off. Took a test at 7dpo was a bfn of course. Took one this morn at 9dpo and I think I can see a cross. Does it matter how light it is? Is my mind playing tricks? Scared to do another one.image


  • emilyboo I really don't like or trust those blue dye tests but that line is actually quite dark so I think that may be a positive.

    Can you take a first response pink dye test?

    Don't forget to come back and update and post a pic!

  • Hi misskiwi. Thanks for your reply. I was very emotional yest and I just had a feeling so I used the clear blue digital and I got a bfp. I still can't really believe it image

  • Oh yay emily thats great congratulations hun!

    i was pretty sure that was a positive but I didn't want to get your hopes up and be wrong!

  • Thank you. It's hard to believe some tests though with the evap lines and things. I have been so lucky :)

  • Congratulations again wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy!

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