Could I be?

I have been TTC for 3 months now. This month, I had unprotected sex the day before ovulation as well as the day of ovulation. I am due my period in 2 days but I'm not feeling like it will come on as much as I normally would. My boobs aren't sore and they always are around my period time. I'm hoping I'm pregnant, and I just wanted to share a few symptoms I've had... Frequent urination, constipation, I've had a few hot flashes and today I have a headache that I can't shift. I dont really feel like eating and my belly has been making very weird gurgling noises today. I'm crying at stupid things but I'm thinking maybe it's all in my head?? my lower belly gets a very dull ache from time to time, exactly as you would on your period. I don't want to take a test too early or get ahead of myself, I just wanted to see what other people think and if they've been in a similar situation. Thank you!:)

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