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Hi ladies. 

I was looking for some advice image. Me and my partner havr been TTC for a few months and i must admit we tried really hard this month but was disheartend when i started getting period pains. I'm now two days late and took a Ovulation test and it came back positive. The line was a very dark purple compared to the control line. Could it mean I'm pregnant? Any advice would be brilliant image


  • Hi Cjrose,

    Yes you might be. Ovulation tests can generally pick up the HCG in your urine, and you know cramping is very common in early pregnancy, and it apparently feels just like period pain. If your period is late I'd certainly take a test. Are you normally regular?

    If the pregnancy test is negative then it may mean you are just about to ovulate so I would be getting some more baby dancing in!

    Good luck hun don't forget to update once you have taken a test I will be interested to hear how you go!

  • Hi Misskiwi

    Thank you for the reply.

    Im normally regular, i came of the pill a few months ago and had the normal break through bleed and then had two normal periods. That's why I don't want to get my hopes up in case the pill is still messing with my body.

    Im on 31st day of my cycle so i would have thought that was too late to ovulate. I also had all the ovulate fluid from day 10\11 of my cycle. 

    I think I'll wait anoter few days and see what happens. 

    Thank you again :)

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