Faint positives and still have periods. ...

Hello there I just wondered if anyone else has gone through the same situation as me and what their outcome was.

I have done a numerous amont of different brands of pregnancy test with a few faint positives. I have now started to have irregular periods. Since April. They have gone 6 5 6 weeks since April to now. I had a coil fitted in march which after 2 weeks fell out on its own and since then I have not bothered with any kind of contraception as me and my partner would like another child. We have a 3 year old already.

Well anyways I have done a previous thread on photos of my faint positives or evaporation lines and since my last test I took that came up with a faint positive I later on came on my period for 4 days. Well it's 2 weeks on and I still feel so tired and hungry im weeing a lot now my abdominal area is achey my discharge is even thick white. I'm starting to think I'm actually pregnant and still having periods... i have negative tests then faint postive dating back from may / June. .. i crave alot and im always hungry. I have even put weight on. The symptoms are getting stronger. My lower abdominal even bulges out now.  I wonder what's really going on. I sound silly but I even feel flutters inside. It's crazy and I sound so exaggerated but I'm being truthful with how I feel and what's gone on. 

Anyone been pregnant and found out further on?  I just feel like I know i am but I need that second strong line.

Take a look at my previous post to see my pictures of my tests. 

Eilish x 


  • I'm in a similar boat. image Can't tell if it's an Evap line or i am pregnant. Been feeling nauseous and stuff. Took clearblue and both said negative. 

  • image I am the same, I did a tesco test which looked like this.. then a cclear blue which was negative. I came on 3 days after for 4 days. But I'mstill not cconvinced.  I really think I'm pregnant but still bleeding. II have bad heart burn. Tired daily..always hungry even at night and weeing alot but I'm also achey in my abdomen and since 2 weeks ago I feel flutters this week have gotmore stronger. I ddon't even fit into my jeans anymore.. All of them my diet hasn't changed at all from before. I need to go doctors. 

  • Yours looks like  positive, have you missed yourperiod ? What ttest brand was tthis x 

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